Frequently Asked Questions


Before the wedding you must:

  • Please inform the venue and ask them to contact us if they wish to do so.
  • Obtain consent from the venue hosting the wedding. Without their consent we may be unable to live stream at the wedding.
  • Advise the guests in advance that the wedding will be live streamed. 

We can, if required, set up in a couple of minutes for wedding streaming. We would, however, recommend thirty minutes to allow for us to test camera positions and run checks on audio and uplink quality.

We always plan to arrive 90 minutes – 2 hours before the service is due to start.

Whilst we provide our own internet connection and back-up battery power, we recommend that access to both power and a network connection is made available as a fallback.

We will also need approximately 1.5 metres square for the wedding streaming equipment and operator.

Our team always dress smartly and respectfully when attending a wedding. We do all we can to minimise our presence on the day and to ensure the wedding live stream goes smoothly. 

We require payment in advance to be made at the time of booking confirmation. This can be made by either BACS or all major credit or debit cards.

Upon booking confirmation, an invoice will be issued containing payment information for the wedding streaming service.

The first 100 miles of total travel from the funeral streaming operator’s location is included. Miles after the first 100 are charged at 45 pence per mile.

Accommodation is not included and is rarely required.

Filming & Streaming

A link will be provided that will carry the wedding live stream. The same link will be used after the service to enable your virtual guests to watch the service back if they weren’t able to do so live. Equally, watch it back yourself! Re-live every moment time after time.

Yes, our video player for live wedding streaming can be used on all modern devices from smart TVs, smartphones, tablets, games consoles, computers and laptops.

The page containing the wedding live stream will not be indexed by search engines and the video will only be available if you know the unique, direct link. Upon your request, we can also password protect the wedding streaming page.

Unless you have opted to stream to Facebook, Twitter, Twitch, Instagram or YouTube, your wedding live stream and video will be locked to only work on our website.

We use the latest technology in the streaming market to split the video image of the wedding streaming into packages and send across any internet source available to us. This includes ethernet, WiFi, and all major mobile phone providers such as 02, EE, Vodafone and Three.

The multiple signals are then interpreted by our enterprise grade server and the video is stitched back together to show your wedding live stream within milliseconds of the ceremony.

We will have our own back-up batteries to run the equipment, but power access is always recommended for a wedding live stream service.

We arrive at every ceremony with a minimum of two mobile broadband providers and have packages with EE, Vodafone, 02 and Three Mobile.

We will check the venue through the service provider’s website in advance to make sure we bring the best connection available, however, we cannot guarantee 100% uplink time.

If, in the worst case scenario, it is not possible to stream or the stream fails; we will have a back up recording on the camera which will be uploaded to the video player as soon as possible after the ceremony.

Absolutely, we offer a service which allows you to do just that and is aptly named ‘Stream it Yourself‘.