How do I live stream a wedding ceremony myself?

The fast development of mobile networks and smartphone technology has empowered everyone with the ability to go live with the device in their pocket. Should you wish to live stream a wedding yourself, there are several things to consider:

  • The quality of your smartphone

    The latest iPhone and Android devices will have a camera that is adequate for a stream. However, you may find that older devices do not have the features required to capture a clear image. Cameras on phones have limited optical zoom, so this should be considered when choosing where you position yourself at the service.

  • Mobile phone and WiFi coverage

    In order to maintain a reliable connection in full HD, you will need an upload speed of at least 4Mbps. Generally, this requires at least 4G signal or a fibre broadband connection. Issues may arise when multiple devices are connected to the same mobile network in the area. Multiple devices using the same WiFi connection can also cause your speeds to slow or cut out altogether.

  • Battery life

    Running a live stream requires a lot of processing power, so your device’s battery life will drain faster than usual. Consider using a portable battery alongside your phone.

  • Sound quality

    Your phone’s microphone may pick up some background noise in the room. Consider attaching a microphone near the lectern phone to clearly hear those speaking over the noise of people in the room.

  • Privacy

    There are several destinations that you can stream to for free via your smartphone, but generally, these are “open” and accessible to anyone online.

If you’re worried about whether your device is able to do the above or you have privacy concerns, we are able to offer a professional service with a full HD stream. We use broadcast-quality cameras with wireless microphones to a stream via a private and secure video link unique to your wedding. We use enterprise-grade mobile bonding to bond connections across Vodafone, 02, EE and Three Mobile signals with any available WiFi to ensure a reliable and high-quality live stream.