Edward Moore

Date of the wedding: 13 August 2022

My mother-in-law is in a care home and has mobility issues. When we found that she was unable to attend our wedding we were gutted. Then we discovered that you can live-stream weddings over the internet, so we decided to bring the wedding to her! From the start, Live Wedding were super helpful. Ryan was quick to respond to our query and we were chatting by phone within a few hours. They were not phased by the church having no Wi-Fi reception and could handle all the filming and streaming technology themselves. They provided a web page that was private to those knowing the link, which we shared with friends. You also get to provide some photos to Live Wedding and they personalise the page for you.

The next challenge was to get the stream into the care home for an 86 year-old with absolutely no clue about technology. On my mother-in-law’s Amazon Fire Stick [that plugs into her telly], I created a link on her main page that loads our wedding live-stream web page. (Hint: This is possible using the Silk web browser and the Bookmarker app.) So when my future sister-in-law visited on the wedding day with her kids, she just pressed on the link and there was our wedding for the mother-in-law to watch live!!!!

On the day of the wedding, Stephen the videographer was the first person there. He was polite and organised, working out his placement well in advance and fitting me with a microphone. He filmed everyone arrive and the whole service, entering and leaving and then confetti and photos in the church garden, about 1hr30 of film. Afterwards, we spoke to the relatives by phone and text to check that they saw everything OK. The feedback says it all. Comment: “The online quality was excellent. Great photos on your livestream account”. Another comment: “I just want you to know that we all, that’s me mum and the kids, really felt part of it. Your videographer was amazing, we had the best view in the church. It was beautiful and I really want you all to know that although mum could not make it, we had a great weekend and she felt included.”.

Thanks Live Wedding 5/5 !