Gurps & Nadiia

Date of the wedding: 25 June 2023


We were totally blown away by the live stream, both during and after the day. We had our friends send us messages and video clips during the day with them telling us how much of a great time they had watching the ceremony and reception, and it was like they were right here with us. They were dancing, crying and raising their glasses!

We saw you when we initially walked in and then spotted some technology up at the top of the mandap. And guessed it was yours, but only realised how good your setup was when people said they could even hear Nadiia’s mum’s words during the Ukrainian ceremony. Just wow! And, then for us, the day was a blur, and so re-watching the video was us finally being able to experience the day at a normal speed. It’s so great that we can download the videos, and we will! And screenshots of the website, which we thought was an awesome touch as well.

Ben, you have a great thing going on here, and we are very glad to have stumbled across your site.