Wedding videography vs live streaming – what’s the difference?

Wedding videography used to be the only way to preserve video memories of a wedding. Nowadays, however, wedding live streaming has become an increasingly popular option for couples who want to share their big day with loved ones who cannot attend in person. While wedding videography and live streaming both serve to document your wedding day, they offer unique benefits. So, wedding videography vs live streaming – what is the difference?

Here at Live Wedding, we offer both live streaming and video footage packages. Wedding videography typically involves a videographer filming the wedding ceremony and reception, editing the footage, and creating a polished video that captures the highlights of the day. The final product is often a beautifully crafted piece that can be shared with family and friends, or kept as a keepsake for the couple to revisit in the years to come.

Live streaming, on the other hand, involves broadcasting the wedding ceremony and/or reception in real-time to a virtual audience. This service uses a professional-grade streaming platform and up to six internet connections simultaneously to ensure that the video and audio is captured and delivered as effectively as possible in real-time. 

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live wedding video footage

The Benefits of Live Streaming A Wedding

A Professional Live Stream operator can set up cameras and equipment to capture multiple angles, ensuring that remote viewers have a clear and comprehensive view of the proceedings on a private and bespoke viewing page. Alternatively, a Stream It Yourself package allows you to stream the occasion using their own smartphone or device, but still benefiting from use of the streaming platform and viewing page.

One of the main benefits of live streaming is the ability to include friends and family who cannot attend the wedding in person. This could be due to distance, health concerns, venue capacity restrictions or other circumstances that prevent them from being there on the day. With live streaming, these loved ones can still be a part of the celebration and feel included in your special day.

Another difference is the ability to reach a wider audience with live streaming. While traditional wedding videography is typically limited to the couple and their immediate circle, live streaming allows anyone with an internet connection and access to a private viewing page to tune in and be a part of the wedding. This can be especially meaningful for couples with large social networks or those who have family and friends in far-flung locations.

Live streaming also offers a level of interactivity that traditional wedding videography does not. With guests watching live, guests feel the excitement through the camera. Live Wedding also offers a completely bespoke viewing page for your guests, which can be customised to include photo albums, ceremony details, and a virtual guestbook so that guests can share their congratulations and well-wishes in real-time, creating a sense of community and connection despite the physical distance.

A common misunderstanding of live streaming your wedding day is that once the footage is streamed, it’s gone. However, Live Wedding provides endless playback, indefinite hosting and a copy of the video for you to keep, so that you can continue to look back on the coverage of your big day long after the ceremony is over.

At Live Wedding, we work hard to keep both our live streaming and our videography packages affordable. We also offer a stream it yourself option for those wanting to share their big day live but sticking to a tight budget. 

The Benefits of Wedding Videos

Of course, some couples choose to steer away from the live streaming option and lean more towards videography packages, preferring to see an edited result and keep their wedding day private without the added pressure of being on camera for a live audience. You still get to capture and re-live those all-important moments, just without the ‘live’ element. 

Ultimately, the decision to opt for wedding live streaming or videography will depend on the couple’s personal preferences, budget, and circumstances. For those who want to include remote loved ones or reach a wider audience, live streaming can be an excellent option that offers a unique and interactive way to share their special day. For others, traditional wedding videography may be a better fit, providing a polished and lasting record of the day.

Here’s a quick breakdown of the benefits of each service:

Wedding Live Stream

  • Guests can watch live
  • Available instantly
  • Receive a copy to keep afterwards

Wedding Videography

  • Beautifully filmed and edited
  • Includes music and transition effects to set the scene
  • Less pressure of being on live camera

If you’re still undecided, ​​we include a 10% discount off our total price when booking both a wedding videography service and a professional live stream. If you’d like to discuss your unique requirements in more detail, please don’t hesitate to contact us and a member of the team will be in touch.