Stream a Wedding Yourself


Live stream a wedding direct from your smartphone with our Stream A Wedding Yourself service. Now, guests that can’t attend can still celebrate your big day – and this makes the perfect budget option. 

Whilst you take control of the filming (we recommend a friend does it for you), you get full use of our professional-grade streaming platform to ensure high-quality, private footage. Plus, you receive your own bespoke viewing page, which can be designed to create a beautiful space to host your wedding virtually. 

stream a wedding yourself

How Does It Work?

We set you up with access to our streaming platform and create your private viewing page in advance, so that you can share the link with your guests ahead of the wedding.

It’s nice and straightforward, but we provide full guidance on how to set up your wedding stream, and are on hand to support where necessary. Once you’ve tested your stream on a smartphone or device, you’re ready to go live! Your virtual guests get to watch in real-time, and your stream can last as long as you wish.

Afterwards, you also get to watch the footage back, and receive a downloadable version as a forever reminder of your special day.

Why Should You Use Our Service?

While it is possible to stream to social media platforms such as Facebook and Youtube, they do come with a series of risks that are important to be aware of when live-streaming such a monumental occasion. Our Stream a Wedding Yourself service is designed to solve those issues.


When you live stream to Facebook or Youtube you are signing over your rights to the video. They will technically hold the right to publish, deny publishing, remove your live-stream or use it elsewhere. As far as we are concerned, your stream belongs to you to do with as you please. We’re just here to help you make the most of it!


Your wedding live-stream will be subject to the social network’s terms and conditions, meaning that they could choose to interrupt the stream or deny you access. Our premium platform doesn’t subject to you to various rules and regulations. We’re just here to keep it simple.

If the platform’s software recognises the use of any copyrighted music during the wedding, the stream could be muted by the platform or stopped altogether. This is often done with little to no warning. We hold various music licenses to ensure you are totally protected. 

Totally Private & Tailored To You

Incorrect privacy settings could allow people you do not know to access your wedding stream. All of our bespoke viewing pages are totally private, only accessible if you have the unique link. We can also add password-protection at your request. Alternatively, if you want the social media coverage we can stream to your account.

Professional Streaming Support

We’re here to support you in ensuring everything runs smoothly and is stress-free. All you need to be able to stream is a smartphone, tablet or laptop, and good signal or WiFi.

We’ll send you a simple and easy to follow guide so you can have everything tested and ready in plenty of time. Live-streaming can be complicated and can sometimes go wrong. We are here to simplify the whole process and make it as easy to understand as we can. Our team is here to support you.

Stream A Wedding Yourself & Rental Kit Package


Designed to help you make the most out of our Stream a Wedding Yourself service by upgrading your production level. With even basic equipment setting you back hundreds of pounds to buy, we have created an all-in-one kit that doesn’t compromise on quality.

Our rental kit package includes everything in our standard Stream A Wedding Yourself package, plus:

  • Unlimited testing
  • Detailed guide
  • 10-day rental
  • Mevo camera (capable of live switching)
  • Tripod
  • Rode Wireless Go II wireless microphones with windshields
  • LED light
  • Dual sim data hotspot 
  • Hard waterproof box with a return label
  • Postage and collection
the equipment included in the Stream a Wedding Yourself kit

Rather a professional handle everything?

With over 15 years of live streaming expertise at your disposal we can create a wedding live-stream package based on your requirements. Whether it be a high-quality single camera broadcast or a large multi-camera production, we can bring your bring your story to life.

Our professional live-stream packages start at £595 for the main ceremony but we can live-stream as much or as little of your wedding as you like.

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