Professional Wedding Live Stream

From £595

Celebrate your day in style with either a single camera live stream or a full multiple camera production with all the bells and whistles!

With our professional wedding live stream service you can share your big day with friends and family all over the world and simultaneously, create a wonderful high-quality video of your wedding that you can keep forever.

Our Services & Prices

Ceremony Only

We’ll go live just as your guests start to arrive, capturing the atmosphere and eager anticipation of the brides grand arrival. We’ll be the eyes and ears of anyone who can’t be there, giving them the front-row experience.

Half Day

Whether you want us to live stream the bride and bridesmaids preparations or through to the speeches and first dance, you should probably remind your virtual guests to keep some tissues close by for those tear-jerking moments.

Full Day

Using stop-start style live streaming, we’ll capture as much of the day as you wish. For those wishing for some real grandeur, we can set up separate streams to follow both the bride and groom’s preparations… prepare to feel immersed!

Please enquire for multiple camera live stream availability and pricing

Every Professional Wedding Live Stream includes

Every wedding is different and as is every wedding live stream. We offer a variety of live streaming and video services to suit your needs. Whether that be a high-quality single camera live stream or a multiple camera production, we can tailor a package to tell your love story.

All of our live streaming services include:

  • An experienced professional wedding live stream crew
  • A private and bespoke page & optional streaming to social media accounts
  • Full HD cameras and multiple microphones to capture the audio just as though you were there in person
  • Indefinite hosting of your wedding stream 
  • 100 miles of travel
  • A copy of your video to keep

We’re always more than happy to work alongside other professionals, whether that be other wedding photographers and videographers, your wedding planer or your venue to ensure all runs smoothly on the day.

How Does It all Work?

Using our premium viewing platform, our wedding live stream services allow you to share a crystal clear live feed of your big day with friends and family.

We’ll create a bespoke private viewing page for you, designed to reflect you as a couple, complete with:

  • Your love story
  • Photo albums
  • Ceremony details
  • Virtual guestbook
  • Wedding gift list
  • And anything else you want!

The aim is to create a virtual space to make your virtual guests feel connected to you, so that they can still feel part of your day wherever in the world they are watching from. 

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Live Stream & Videography Package

While the benefit of having a live stream is that you can watch it back immediately, there is certainly still a place for having a professional video made of your wedding day. It may take a little longer with it having to be carefully crafted to produce your final video, but we can assure you… it’s worth the wait! 

Are you considering having a videographer and a live stream on your wedding day? Well, you’re in luck. 

For anyone wishing to book both our videography and wedding live stream services we are happy include a 10% discount off of the total price. Hurray!

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